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I trust Roger Mason more than my doctor or any of the doctors my parents, brothers and sisters or friends see.

He doesn't pretend to be a doctor in any way. He simply sifts through tons and tons of scientific literature and does a very good job of arriving at some of the best answers available today on the use of supplements, etc. He writes well, if a bit excitedly, at times. He is the starting point for my own confirming research. If he says something is of no value then I probably won't spend time on it. If he says something is great I'll confirm it for myself. Duh! How else would you approach this sort of thing?

Roger Mason is a gem.

He writes well, with passion and caring. He truly seems to care that we get the message that there is a much better way to stay healthy than through the questionable high-priests we call doctors. Doctors are taught to sell expensive and dangerous drugs, and most of them are good salesmen.

Today's patented drugs are targeted at one medical problem and often address it poorly while causing a host of unwanted side effects or worse. Today's better supplements are usually taken to address one problem but often come with a host of DESIRABLE side effects. Roger does his best to point this out.

There's no surprise that Roger is a target. The information he provides heals much better than the poisons prescribed by doctors, and cost far less. Some have killed for less. So the character assassins are somewhat predictable. They need to scare people away from safe and healthy remedies if they expect to continue hocking their poisons.

Do your own research. Start with Roger's if you like (I do!) Or someone else's. But finish with your own research. Your health is too important to trust to anyone else.

(I have no connection with Roger or anyone else in this discussion. Other than as a happy reader of Roger's extensive and wonderful work.)

I liked: Information provided.

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